Watermelon ¿Increases or reduces our weight?


Many people have asked us about the watermelon and if it is good to gain or to lose weight. To answer this concern, it is necessary to analyze several aspects.

Watermelon, although it is a summer fruit, is available to us throughout the year thanks to its availability in supermarkets, but when we consume it with some frequency we may come to think that because of its sweetish taste we are gaining weight.

The good news is that you can safely eat watermelon, in moderate amounts, without putting your diet objectives at risk.

Watermelon increases our weight?

Not really. Watermelon is extremely low in calories, less than 50 calories in a 1 cup serving and contains no fat or cholesterol.

The nutritional benefits of the watermelon do not end there; it is also rich in vitamin C and A, as well as in certain B vitamins, magnesium and some dietary fiber (approximately 1 gram per serving).

Due to the lack of fat or cholesterol, the only fattening aspect of this fruit would be the calories, but you would have to eat a little watermelon so that this has a great impact on your caloric intake. Most experts recommend limiting your intake to less than 3 cups of watermelon per day, approximately 150 calories.

The glycemic index is the element that concerns watermelons, due to its high fructose content. The watermelon glycemic index is 72, which is considered high. However, this glycemic load can be compensated with other foods low in sugar.

Fructose is better than the high fructose corn syrup found in many sweetened, sweet, junk food and desserts, but even too much fructose can put stress on your liver, thereby increasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, if you have ever asked yourself: is watermelon increasing my weight? – Only people who are trying to see their sugar intake should be careful when eating this fruit. However, in moderation, there is little danger that this fruit will make you pack in extra kilos.

Can watermelon help you to lose weight?

On the other side of the spectrum, many people claim that watermelon can actually help you lose weight, which is true when eating in responsible portions. Watermelon has a number of benefits that can help you lose weight, such as a high content of fiber, a low caloric content and a high content of antioxidants.

Fiber Although there is only 1 gram of fiber per serving of watermelon, this can help promote the feeling of fullness, while improving the absorption of nutrients, decreases the need to snack between meals and avoid overeating.

Water More than 90% of the watermelon is made up of water, which is ideal for losing weight, since thirst is often confused with hunger. If you regularly stay hydrated with low-calorie fruits such as watermelon, you are less likely to consume high-calorie foods for sustenance.

Antioxidants The antioxidants found in watermelons, such as licopene and other flavonoids, can help reduce the likelihood of heart disease, which is often experienced along with obesity and weight problems. By improving your health and metabolism in general, the antioxidants in this fruit will help you burn more fat.

Calories There are less than 50 calories in a 1 cup serving of this fruit, which is lower than many other popular and sweet fruits. Eating 2-3 cups of this fruit will be extremely abundant, but it will not greatly affect your total caloric intake of the day, which will help you keep up with your diet.


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