Treatment for the under-eye bags


The passage of time is gradually leaving marks on our body that represent that we are getting older. One of the most punished areas may be the face. If we have not cared of it and hydrated it during our life, we may notice the effects of the passage of time with greater presence than if we had cared more about it. Within the face, one of the parts that need the most care are the eyes.

Under our eyes, dark circles can appear due to various causes such as tiredness or an allergy, but in some people, these can end up being something much more visually striking, known as eye bags. These, although in principle can be caused by the same causes adding some others as excessive crying or poor circulation, can have a hereditary character. That is to say, it is very probable that, if in your family there are antecedents of bags in the eyes, you can go through the same thing.

5 treatments for the under-eye bags

The skin that surrounds the eyes is the most sensitive of the face, so we must be very careful when choosing those treatments that may be valid or not to get rid of the bags in the eyes. There are several options and some of them we have already presented at Bekia to you, for example the treatments with home remedies, but now we are going to explain those who, without being natural, are also valid to end the bags in the eyes.

1. Make-up

Although it is not a treatment as such, it can be a remedy to remove the bags under your eyes quickly. With a concealer that is as close as possible to our skin, never clearer, we will try to disguise the dark tone of the bags that have been created under our eyes. It is important to apply moisturizing cream beforehand, as it should be done whenever applying makeup on the face.

2. Allergy pills

In many cases, when a person has an allergy it is possible to see how they appear under their eyes. This can be due to the crying, the lack of sleep and the fatigue. Even so, when our doctor gives us treatments to avoid the effects of allergies, it is advisable that we follow them because we will get the symptoms causing consequences such as bags under the eyes.

3. Hyaluronic acid

It is one of the most helpful aesthetic treatments when the bags appear under the eyes. It consists of injecting the hyaluronic acid under the eyes to fill the bags and change, thus, the appearance of the face. It is important to go to a professional to make the necessary punctures because otherwise we might not get the expected result. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the side effects of this type of treatments, hence it is necessary to point out, again, that it should be performed by a professional.

4. Blepharoplasty

This is the name of the operation that can help us get rid of the bags that appear under our eyes. Although it is not an economically very accessible surgery, it is true that the results obtained with it are good and durable. It is an intervention of a half hour that consists of removing the leftover skin from the upper and lower eyelids to achieve, thus, that the skin around the eye gets smooth again. Once the operation is completed, the patient usually has to spend an entire day in the hospital and with both eyes covered.

5. Creams

Although it is one of the treatments that first come to the fore, do not forget them. There are many creams that help to reduce under-eye bags. If we have not clear which is the one we need, we will have to visit a professional who advises us on which is the right for us. On the other hand, it will be important to frequently use it so that you can correctly correct the under-eye bags.


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